Why I love Parva


Ha there are so many posts selling a Parva here… I just want to express how NOT willing I am to sell my Parva and that’s it’s a synth with power and unique character, with an awesome user interface. It’s a hidden Gem of a synth. I’m currently saving up for the Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa and I plan on pairing that with the Parva (and a Shruthi-1) for a mobile synth battlestation.

I mean it’s probably natural that the forums be filled with selling offers and support questions, but I wish it also had some more love. More patch-sharing people! More reasons you love it!

When I put the Parva through some delay and reverb it’s simply stellar. I mean the modulation capabilities on this thing… The separate stereo outputs for each voice… it’s got power and personality and I can’t get rid of it.


Here, here! Love the parva! (minus one annoying bug that hopefully will be fixed soon…)

I’m now using it multi-timbrally as the sole synthesizer in my live rig. It’s really great how it can also be an excellent mono-synth (or two) while still having enough voices left to play some chords! I’ve even wondered if there would be enough to synthesize drums on it too! (but that’s for another day)


Yeah, I’m with you. The thing is fantastically versatile. I typically use it to make drones or slowly evolving textured pads, and it just runs circles around anything else I’ve had been exposed to and the budget to work with.

I think the problem is it suffers from a lack of exposure. At this point I don’t know how most people are going to find out about it, and there doesn’t seem to be a critical mass of owners to make much of a sustained community out of it. The result is a pretty dead forum so when people come around looking to sell they make up a large chunk of the posts.

I think the Parva needs some more sustained marketing to overcome this, but that’s kind of tricky with a product that’s already been out there for a couple of years. It would be “easiest” to do by releasing new Futuresonus product, but that’s obviously a tall, tall order.

Another option might be if Brad tried doing the rounds with some YouTubers to try and get more exposure that way. I don’t know. Like I said, it’s tricky.


I’ve messed around with making drum patches and they’ve sounded nice. Cool setup btw!


This thing is a pad monster, even if it’s not the smoothest in the dry state, all of that thick character plugged into a reverb and chorus makes it sound absolutely dreamlike.

I also think it makes some of the best bass sounds this side of the sh-101. You get it all: rubbery, gristly and massive low end options instead of being stuck with one or two with most synths.

Finally you can make moog quality leads and funk sounds with it too.

I only wish the resonance was a bit creamier, I could make some jx-8p style sounds with it.


Yeah, I’m late to this thread, but what the heck, eh? I hadn’t updated my Parva in 2 years (until yesterday, bumping it from 0.51 to .070), hoping that the time would let Brad fix a lot of the problems, and I have to say it was worth the wait!! Still not perfect, but damn does this thing have some character and ballsy delivery that most of my other synths just don’t have. Finally feel like my KickStarter contribution was worth it.

To Brad, please don’t stop fine tuning this where possible. I’ll be making another video singing its praises in the next few months, and hopefully that will spur some interest. I know the synth market is flooding with clones and copies, but the Parva, slow to the finish line though it may be, is something quite nice and a bit unique. I’ve played with it most of the last 30 hours (minus some sleep), and I’ve been blown away by how cool it sounds, and by how much the fine-tuning of the controls has improved. It still seems like it overdrives the filter a bit too easily (compared to most synths), but I really don’t care. It’s part of the character that I love.

As DanaF indicated, and I fully agree, it really is a pad monster.