When is the MultiMode coming?


The problem has solved itself. I was still on v0.52 firmware. All kinds of strange going on. I updated to v0.53 and now everything runs smoothly. My bad.


So Multimode automatically outputs to the individual outs? You can’t mix them all out of the mains?


It outputs to the individual outs and the mains.


I’m getting slot assignment one (set to four voices) out of the mains, but not slot 2 (which is set to 2 voices).


Yea, did some more experimenting this morning. Other midi channels are getting to the machine, but once in Multimode, only slot 1 generates any sound. Confirmed the patches I was loading were ok in single patch mode, etc… Any ideas?


Another v61 bug – working on it now.


Thanks, Brad! I’m ready to rock a Multimode demo when it’s ready!


Good to know about this bug ahead of time. I’ve started to heavily rely on multi mode, so if only slot 1 generates sound in v61 is not usable for me. Any idea when this bug would be fixed?


I’m sorry – it was a stupid mistake on my part. I’m double-checking the fix for this and another couple of bugs now, and will release v62 tomorrow.


Thanks for being on top of things Brad, looking forward to the update!


Multi memory structure question. So say I create a single patch. I switch to multi mode and load that new patch in one of the slots. If I think go on and make some changes to that patch, while in multi mode, it appears that those changes do NOT get saved when I save the Multi.

If I go back to single mode, the changes that I made to that original patch when I was in multi mode are not reflected. Similarly, when I go back to multi, while the original patch loads, the changes that I made to the patch when previously in Multi mode are gone here as well.

So if I understand correctly, multi-mode memory is just addressing which patches to load. You save a multi and you are only saving the patch selections. To alter a patch, you really have to go back out to single patch mode.

Would it be possible to give us the choice when working in multi mode to either save the individual patch we are editing or the Multi patch addresses? (The latter being what appears to currently happen.)

Hope that makes sense. Thanks!



That’s the plan – it will be a “Save referenced patches? Yes/No” prompt when saving the multi patch.


Ah! Good to know! Sounds good…


Here you go: Firmware v0.62 released


Wonderful, right in time for the weekend! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Question for Brad!

Is there enough memory in the Parva to actually store multis as self-contained (not referencing patches but containing them within themselves) as an additional option, perhaps?


There’s not enough additional memory to do this – it would require re-allocating several of the patch banks. A simpler solution would be to just dedicate a bank or two (E & F, for example) to storing patches for multis.


just to follow up is this what banks M and N were intended for?


Banks M and N are for storing multis. What I meant in my previous message was: if you want the patches used by each multi to be separate from your “normal” patches, you can copy them to another bank. For example, the 64 slots available in bank E could store patches for up to 8 8-slot multis.


Yep makes sense! Thanks!