What software can read & modify Parva memory?


Trying to clean up the mess of patches and adopt a uniform naming convention.
Too tedious to rename/delete each patch using Parva knobs.

How can I do file management on the Parva’s internal memory?



The older version of the firmware utility had a rudimentary patch load/dump function. You can get it here:

Mac: files.futureson.us/ParvaUtil0.5.dmg
Win: /files.futureson.us/ParvaUtil0.5.zip

Raw Sysex


If you’re comfortable with the command line, you can script this to make it quicker. I recommend SendMIDI and ReceiveMIDI.

Dump Patch:

F0 7D 00 7F 5i nn F7
Where i equals bank number (A=0, B=1, etc)
and n equals patch number in hexadecimal (0 - 3F)

For example, to retrieve patch B05:
F0 7D 00 7F 51 05 F7
sendmidi dev parva syx 7Dh 00h 7Fh 51h 05h

or patch F50:
F0 7D 00 7F 55 32 F7
sendmidi dev parva syx 7Dh 00h 7Fh 55h 32h

Store Patch:

The patch that is dumped contains the store patch command 4i nn (again, i=bank, nn=patch) at the beginning of the message:

F0 7D 00 7F 4i nn [32 bytes of name string] [up to 480 bytes of patch data] F7

Each patch name and parameter data byte is split into nibbles. For example, uppercase ‘A’ is decimal 65 or hex 41, so it’s represented as 04 01.

Clear All Patches:

The following sysex bytes will erase all patch memory:

F0 7D 00 7F 66 00 F7

sendmidi dev parva syx 7Dh 00h 7Fh 66h 00h

This will take several minutes, and the Parva will be unresponsive.