What kind of Program Change for multi mode?

I can use Ableton for to change patches inside of a multimode patch by using clips but somebody know if it’s possible to change the multimode patch itself with Progam Change?

The way Parva currently interprets Program Change messages is:

  • If not in Multi Mode, respond to PC message on global MIDI channel by loading specified patch.
  • If in Multi Mode, respond to PC message on each slot channel by loading the specified patch to that slot.

I can change the behavior to load multis, but that could mess up patch changes for multi slots (in the case where the global midi channel and the slot channel overlap).

Ok thanks. to choose that’s better like this.

Brad, do you think it would be a good idea to have a specific Bank Select MSB/LSB combination sent out prior Program Change in order to load a different multi?

I think what I’ll do is make “normal” PC messages load global patches and multis, then have a specific bank to load patches in multi slots. This will change the current behavior, but it seems like the most internally consistent method.

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Hi Brad @futuresonus - Hope you are doing well! I am circling back to the idea of using multis on my Parva, but for how I work, I’d like multi changes to follow midi program change messages. (Not CCs). My Parva currently follows along great on Parva’s bank A without my needing to set up a CC for program change. This is with an Elektron Octatrack. I presume bank B would work fine if I got up to my 65th patch and beyond…
Would it be possible to reserve banks A and B for Multis instead of M and N? I think this would allow the same behaviour I use now, but with multis. Any other solutions you might have in mind are welcome. Thanks!

This will need to be implemented for pc to work in this way as well. I really hope you can work it into a future update!