Welcome to the Futuresonus Community page


We’re still setting up the forums.

Please read the FAQ before posting.


Good luck with the forum in the future… sonus

Greetings from Switzerland
(I’m looking forward to my Parva…)


shit, you guys are going for that IMAX 3D experience with everything you’re doing! Looking forward to getting my hands on this labour of love and looking even more forward to hearing and seeing what others will be doing with this behemoth.

Stay funky, Futurefolks


A class act all the way! THE polyphonic (8 channels will work!) analog synthesizer to rule them all! Thank you for your vision and your persistence to make it real.


Yes, this is the nicest looking forum code I’ve ever seen… very sleek and understated, but lots of features… like the Parva! And also hopefully it’s a place where we can build a great community. I can’t wait to dig into mine and start sharing patches! Sooo looking forward to some photos and demos this weekend as folks start to get their holiday packages early!



Really looking forward to buying this as a non backer. :smile:


Glad there’s a forum for Futuresonus. Sounds like we backers will be receiving our Parvae soon. Yes, I’m nominating Parvae as the plural.

And yes, as a person who writes web apps all day, I have to say that this forum software is quite nice.


Thanks. I was looking for something nicer than the old standard php options. This is Discourse, an open source javscript/ruby package.


Great choice, Brad. As mentioned, it’s quite feature-filled, but the options don’t actually get in the way. I know you’re well aware, but this all fits together into your brand. I have no doubts it will show through in the Parva once it arrives.


The badges we get from posting different things are unexpected surprises. Kind of like Xbox Achievements in spirit. Nice touch!