Using Parva with Linnstrument issues


Hi guys

I received my Parva yesterday and although i’m experiencing some big issues i’m very exited about the new synth.
The midi over usb does not seem to be working very good. Lot’s of bizarre results as well as stuck notes even when I turn down the midi density on linnstrument to twice as slow as a normal midi cable. Is this a problem in general or just with the linnstrument? when I read on the forum it seems like the issue was fixed…

With a normal midi cable things seems to be working pretty well:)

My main issue is now the bend up/bend down in multi mode. It only works for +/- 2 semitones. When I adjust to 24 for the Linnstrument and The Parva there is hardly any bend. The bend seems to function normally when not in Multi mode.
Is this expected behavior as of now or could it be something with my setup?



This has not been a problem in general or with the Linnstrument. To clarify, are you using the USB host port or running the Linnstrument through a computer, then to the Parva’s USB device port? I believe your Parva shipped with mainboard firmware v54, correct?

In Multi mode, changing patch parameters only affects the currently active slot. I just did a quick test, and don’t see any problem with pitch bends of any range in Multi mode:

  1. Set pitch bend up and down to 24 in Voice menu
  2. Save patch (eg B03)
  3. Enable multi, default is one slot with patch B03 on 8 voices
  4. Check that pitch bend range is +/-24


Thank you so much for quick reply.

Yes i’m pluging the Usb directly in to the parva and the mainboard firmware v54.
I get low rumbles and a high pitched noise when playing (especially when playing fast). It also sometimes seem to get unstable pitch as well as other notes than the one being played being triggered by pressing notes. These “other notes” occur either together with the note being pressed or when it’s released.
Could it be something with the way Linnstrument is set up? I have tried it both with power saving setting and normal setting. I think the new linnstrument firmware sends a of note message before release of the note. I think this was only implemented for USB so I was wondering if that could have something to do with it?

As for Bend up/down I was setting up the multi patch wrong because I thought you could make changes to the entire patch while in multi. So with midi cable it now plays amazing. It’s the greatest playing experience of my life. Super responsive to Linnstrument.

I would still like to figure out what’s causing the USB issue though. But for now at least I have a working setup:)


*and the mainboard “shipped with” firmware v54.


Concerning the rumbles, are you in MPE mode on Linnstrument?
Because enabling MPE on LS switches the Y axis to CC74 which is hardwired to full filter freq range on Parva, accordingly to not-yet-official MPE specification (just assuming here). I’m switching Y to ModWheel to regain some control over it. Full filter range on Y axis causes low punches and high pierces depending on your resonance settings.


Thanks cube 48
I have Linnstrument in channel per note mode but Y axis is not activated.
Pitch axis is active and pressure (using channel pressure) is active.
I don’t get any problems using 5 pin midi cable.
I’m making a video for Brad of the issue tonight. Hopefully that will make the problem clearer:)


Resurrecting this. I am a new user and am experiencing the exact same issues re: the USB port. Notes sustaining and then other (wrong) notes retriggering upon the release of notes. Also using it in MPE mode, and both Linnstrument and Seaboard are exhibiting the same issues.
Later today I will try a “regular” controller via USB, and both of the aforementioned controllers via DIN.
I was wondering, olejacobsband, if you have since found a solution.


Please try the DIN connection. I’m working on resolving the USB Host issue now.


That problem does not exist using the DIN connection. However - voice 8 specifically will not respond to pitchbend.
Guessing it is the voice itself and not a Linnstrument thing, but will suss that out in a bit.


That sounds strange. What happens if you load the init patch, set voice configuration to unison, and bend a single note?


So it is not the voice. It is the Parva ignoring pitch bend information on channels 9-16,
In unison mode, taking it (and the controller) out of MPE mode, and sending notes/pitch one channel at a time, it will receive note on/off info on all channels, but no midi on anything over 8. Confirmed as well that the controller is sending properly to other instruments.
If it were the voice, obviously we’d hear 7 voices bending and one staying on the original pitch. I thought the voice because in MPE mode, midi channel 9 was addressing voice 8.


Thank you for reporting this. The bug is just the result of a typo in the channel-to-voice assignment code. I’ll fix it right now and send you an updated version of the mainboard firmware tomorrow.


This firmware fixes the issue with midi channels higher than 8 on the din interface: (56.6 KB)


Thanks!!! Cannot get to it today but will install first thing in the morning.


Hi, I w
as wondering about any updates regarding the USB issue above…


Try this: mainboardv66.hex (180.3 KB)


Sorry to say this update does not help. MPE still not working via USB. Double and triple checked settings on the Parva, and also on the Linnstrument and Roli Seaboard.
Have not regression tested to make sure that using it via DIN still IS working, but am assuming it is.
Is there any hope for a fix for this, and anything I can do to provide more information? Is anybody else on the board having success playing polyphonically in MPE mode over USB ?


It’s working for me with a Seaboard RISE

Edit: I mean that I thought I’d fixed it, but obviously there’s still something going on. I’ll document my setup so we can compare, and hopefully get this nagging issue resolved.


Cool. I guess lets start with me emulating your settings on both the Parva and Rise. If that doesn’t work, then there is some voodoo afoot!!


I’m having nothing but problems with multi mode using a USB cable. This is what I bought this parva for so pretty bummed. If it wont work I’ll have to sell it I guess :frowning:

Both the patch and multi set to mono voice correct? 24pb range?

Ch Per Row and Per Row Chs