Tuning all 8 voice cards?


This may be operator error…

Was getting frustrated trying to get all 8 voices to be perfectly in tune, before detuning to taste.
On evil impulse, I turned off the power while the calibration was in process.

It is as if Parva has lost a reference?
I have since run both filter and DCO calibration repeagtedly.
However, when I (after allowing 30 minutes warm up) hit the same note on the MIDI keyboard, you can hear the voice cards cycling and the pitch vary unacceptably!

Anyone else have issues with the calibration process?
Any suggestions to try?



Neither the filter nor DCO calibration procedures tune the relative pitch of the oscillators. You can adjust them manually through the “Tune Voices” menu option, though.



Thanks for the quick reply!

I did try to tune the individual voices from the menu you cite.

Monitoring Parva’s main L/R output with an external tuner , I get confused about which voice is playing, as I adjust the parameter for a given voice number!

How is it done?

Must I monitor the individual outputs for this?



It’s easiest to do through the individual outs, but you can do it with the main outs if you take your time and go methodically. Yes, I know it’s annoying and tedious – I wish I could come up with a better way to handle this. Here are some good instructions from another Parva owner: My voicboards are totally out of tune! (now: HOW TO TUNE YOUR PARVA)



Good instructions in that post.

Used the individual outputs which makes it unambiguous which voice you are tuning
Parva sounds wonderful again!
Thanks Brad.!


Maybe i’m a masochist but I will usually tune them off a fresh boot so I know the first note played is the first voice etc, just hold the note, tune, move on :wink:


Coming here to inquire about tuning stability, I read DanaF’s post and may have answered my question but…

I have played the Parva 3 or 4 times since my initial tuning, each session < 40 minutes and the tuning was good.
Yesterday, after being on for 4 hours in a 66 degree fahrenheit room, the tuning was WAY OFF!

OK, so I retuned it “hot” so to speak, the way tuned I before and IMMEDIATELY after tuning process, the tuning was way off! -<<<<<<<<<<<<< THIS makes no sense!

Could I have messed up the save of the voice tunings somehow and they reverted?
How do all the non-patch settings get saved?
Immediately to static ram or flash memory?

Question: does every Parva owner, who plays for more than 30 minutes, retune for EVERY session?


Settings are saved to EEPROM when the active menu is exited. For manual tuning, that means long press A to return to the Calibration menu.


yep, learned this the hard way :wink: