Triggered vs gated envelopes


Is there anyway to get envelopes to be triggered rather than gated? To create percussive patches for example, where the length of the keypress is ignored ( note on triggers a 2 stage Attack/Release envelope without any sustain stages.

Maybe the parameter can be changed from LOOP: ON/OFF to MODE: GATE, TRIGGER, LOOP


Maybe im missing something but having 0 sustain in the envelope doesn’t archive the effect you are looking for?


No, I want the envelope to act like a AR envelope, which means it goes through its entire cycle completely independently of the not off event. Those envelope sound exactly the same, regardless of the length of the note.

With the ADSR enveloppe, if you put the sustain at 0, you still have to fiddle with the DECAY and the RELEASE to try to make them exactly the same length, but for some reason, both parameters don’t react the same way, so for example at a DECAY=40 and RELEASE=40 if you hold the note the decay sound is shorter than if you don’t hold the note and you hear the SUSTAIN instead.

With an envelope that has a trigger vs gate mode, the DECAY and SUSTAIN values are never used, so the envelope is always the same shape and the note length is completely ignored.


Ok now I get it. When I try to make percussive sounds I just make the note length longer than the decay time and put the sustain and release to 0 but it might me inconvenient to your setup. Having triggered envelopes is a cool feature tho, specially if you can retrigger them with an LFO like in the Matrix 6.

BTW I created a “feature request” topic if you want to contribute :slight_smile:


Yes, I can do this. As soon as I fix the persistent bug holding up v0.70 release.


Any news on the v0.70 release?


It’s ready, for real this time. I added the AR (triggered) envelopes as well. I’ll be putting the release notes and download links in the main firmware thread when I get home this evening.


yesterday’s this evening or today’s this evening?


Here it is: Parva Software and Firmware Downloads