Sooo, where's Brad at now?

Just curious as to what’s been going down in futuresonus land. Hope it’s all good!

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I’m really curious about this too. Brad, you still around? :slight_smile:

I’m here! But you have to “@“ me to get my attention :slight_smile:

@futuresonus OK I @ ya :slight_smile:

Can you tell if there will ever be any new Parvas for order, please? Thanks, and merry Xmas!

I’m not making any promises, but there may be new Parvas available in 2020 (not next week, though, sorry).


(And of course, I wouldn’t expect them next week either, haha!)

@futuresonus hey brad, i have been in touch with you regarding a screen upgrade and a failing voicecard. You havent replied for a while and you wanted to send me the stuff weeks ago. Whats up? Could you please give me a follow up? Wrote to you via, thanks