QWERTY Keyboard input


Any chance of making it possible to plug a QWERTY keyboard into the Parva via USB, for quick preset naming?

Naming presets is IMO the single biggest speed bump anywhere in the Parva’s programming workflow. I feel like I would be making many more patches if I could simply type the preset names in with a regular computer keyboard.
Especially considering the plurality of usb/midi i/o options on the Parva, it makes sense to make it possible to utilitize the USB ports for different various purposes in this way.


Due to the somewhat limited capabilities of the USB host chip and the way it communicates with the main processor, it’s not really possible to support HID keyboard devices.

In the past, I considered MIDI note to ASCII character mapping, but that seemed needlessly complex. I think a sysex command is probably the most straightforward solution. That would require a computer, though. What do you think?


Using a computer would be no problem! I imagine most people would want to use their laptops as keyboards anyways.


It’s not complex… Kurzweil does it very nicely! Check it out, please.