Problem with my order (SOLVED)


I ordered and paid for Parva (Eight-voice Polyphonic) (order #P76ZK9) on April 14, 2018. Next May 28 asked the CEO of Futuresonus about the status of my order, to which Brad Ferguson on June 11 responded word for word: “Your order is being prepared for shipment I’ll send the tracking number as soon as it’s shipped”.
Next July 9, I again asked about my order. Further on July 23 Brad Ferguson sent a letter with the following text:

I’m sorry for the mass email, but I wanted to be consistent in communicating the current status of your orders. The electronic portion of your Parvas are fully tested and ready to go. I’ve spent the last several weeks trying to fix the issue, but it looks like they’ll have to be scrapped. I do, however, have a small number of black cases. If you would like one of these black cases, I can have your Parva re-housed and shipped out this week.
I know some of you have been waiting a long time, and I appreciate your patience, so I’ll also like to send each of you a $ 100 refund to apologize for the delay. If you would prefer to cancel your order, please just let me know.

I agreed to his offer. But since then again no news. On July 31, I again inquired about the status of my order, but did not receive any reply.
Maybe it’s some kind of financial pyramid and no synths?
Has anyone else encountered such an attitude?


I’m sorry (again) for the confusion – I haven’t received an email from you since the message on July 23rd. If you’re good with the black case, I’ll get it shipped out by the end of this week. Shipping to Russia requires me to go to the post office in person.


Of course i need Parva and i argeed on black case. I wrote about it on July 23. What did you answer me the same day the following:
Thanks for understanding. I’ll swap your Parva over to a black case and let you know when it’s ready to go.
Please quickly correct the situation and send me my Parva.


Hi Brad,

I also opted to have my Parva order (#P8Z5I5) moved over to the black case. Can you confirm that this is still the case? Thanks


Yes, that is correct.


I finally got my Parva. And I want to say that this is an amazing synthesizer. I did not have time to explore all its features, but the sound during testing was very fat.
Thank You, Brad! Sorry for my doubts about my order, but the wait was too long. Of course, it was worth waiting for!