Parva with Roli Seaboard?


Anyone tried this yet? Does the USB hosting work correctly?


I don’t have a Seaboard, but I do have a Linnstrument. My Parva should be here Saturday or Monday and it’s the first thing I’ll be trying…



I have a Linnstrument too. Can you share what # you are?


I was backer #50 for the 8 voice and backer #90 overall. I got my tracking number last night but there’s no status in the USPS system other than “information received from shipper.” It’s being sent 3 day priority so if it doesn’t go out today, I’ll be Monday or Tuesday. Sadly, I leave on vacation for 10 days next week so I may not get a chance to put much time in with it.



I hope it shows up for you sooner than later I’m #118, so there is hope!
Not sure where I am in terms of the 8 voice cue.

USPS is often very slow to update shipping status, so perhaps it will still make it in time


I’m hoping you’re right. One issue I have is I live in a small farm town so it usually takes an extra day to get 2 day or 3 day packages. What makes matters worse is I don’t get mail delivery to the house so I have to pick it up at the post office. The window closes before I get off work so many times I can’t pick up packages until Saturday even if it arrived on Monday.

At worst, I’ll have a few good hours on it before I leave for vacation, provided my boss lets me leave early one day next week ( leave very early Friday morning for 10 days). :slightly_smiling:



So my Parva arrived today, unexpectedly(Backer 118). The Roli seems to work fine on the USB port, though MPE support is not functioning yet. The polyaftertouch works fine, but poly pitch bend probably won’t work until Multitimbral mode comes along.


Proud owner of a Roli Seaboard too :D.
I have recently discovered the Parva. I´m wondering how is working ithis combo after the latest firmware updates. Is it as easy as equator for setting up, route and control?

Thank you very much!!!


Hi! I just got a Parva to go with my Seaboard. Unfortunately, I’m getting loads of stuck notes, and ghost notes (the Parva triggers notes I don’t play). I’ve set the Roli and the Parva up as instructed on the Roli website. If I check with a midi monitor, all is well with the Seaboard, but if I play the Parva from a “regular” USB midi board (Korg K25) I have no problems. Can anybody shine a light on this…?


Please upgrade the mainboard to v0.68 (Parva Software and Firmware Downloads)


I’m on the latest software and firmware. Installed 0.68 yesterday but I’m still getting the stuck notes.


What are the MPE settings on the Roli set to? Channels 2-9?

Is the controller connected directly via USB or DIN MIDI? Or is it going through a computer first?


Thanks for helping out…! The Seaboard is set to channels 2-16, usb connection going straight to the Parva. The Parva is set to receive on all channels. I picked up my iconnect midi interface yesterday, I’ll try running DIN midi today.


Ok, I tried again iver DIN and no success - BUT - I checked the firmware and it’s still on .62. I tried to update again to .68 but I get a “no device connected” message. I tried updating the voice boards again, and that works like a charm, they’re all on .64 now. Any ideas on why the Mainboard firmware won’t load…?


Power on the Parva while holding down the ‘B’ button.


YAY! That seems to have done the trick. New firmware, the voices aren’t locking up, the multimode is doing what I need… This thing is going on tour soon…! Thanks a million!!!