Parva MIDI Program Change


Anyone know as of v.70 how to keep things organized during program changes specifically when dealing with multis?

To change from Multi Patch M2 to Multi Patch M5 would it be Bank LSB 7 PC 2 to Bank LSB 7 PC 5

Is Bank A LSB 1? B 2 C3 D4 E5 F6

So M is 7? Or 13?

Do i send them on Omni? Do i pick a Global channel and make a separate track and send them on that?

Global MIDI channel confuses me too

Im using an MPC Live to sequence for reference

Any and all help is appreciated!!!


To change patches, first send the bank # on CC 0. A=0, B=1 … M=6, N=7. Then send the patch number in a program change message.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with Multi patches at this time. You can change the patches within the Multi (send program changes to the MIDI channel associated with a specific Multi Slot), but not the Multi itself.