Parva gone monophonic


Hi there, Haven’t played the synth in a little while. I started it today and i can only get monophonic sounds out of it. the voices are set to poly. unison doesn’t change anything.
When looking at firmware, i can see all voices have 0.70, except voice 6 is blank.
help please!



Brad, Brad, Brad, ??


Is this with the INIT patch? Is MPE enabled?


thanks Brad it was the MPE!
I don’t quite know how to work this, i’m trying to get polyaftertouch from my EPS16+ keyboard, will that work? or just MPE controllers? it it can recognise polyAftertouch, what setting of MPE should i try it on?
thanks again


Poly aftertouch “just works” – go to the mod matrix, select AT as the source, pick a destination, and increase the amount until it sounds like you want it to.