Parva Firmware v0.53 Release


This zip file contains mainboard v0.53 (fixed to work with Windows) and voicecard v0.51: Parva Firmware (113.8 KB)

Update utilities and instructions


  1. Please note that the voicecard update instructions have changed. Instead of updating while the Parva is in normal operation mode, it needs to be placed in update mode by powering on while holding down the ‘A’ button. Please see this post for the complete procedure.

  2. You must run the “Calibrate DCOs” function (located in the Global/Calibration menu) after installing voicecard firmware v0.51. This will take 2-3 minutes, but you won’t have to do it again. After calibrating, power-cycle the Parva.

  3. Due to a change made to support 14-bit mod wheels on the standard control number, the overall oscillator range parameter (OSC* Range) has been relocated in Parva’s MIDI structure. This will cause all previously saved patches to load with the range set to “-59”. Please adjust back to zero and re-save the patch.


  • Oscillators

  • New ramp core self-calibration function (Global/Calibration menu)

  • Reduced aliasing

  • Variable-width saw waves (Select PWM wave, then change “Pulse” setting to “SAW” in the oscillator menu.

  • Oscillator key sync – resets oscillator phase on each new note (“Key Snc” in oscillator menu)

  • Envelopes

  • Looping (“Loop” parameter in envelope menu)

  • Per-envelope response curves – replaces global linear/exponential setting

  • Filter

  • New resonance control curve

  • Other

  • Master Tuning setting (in Global/Calibration)

  • Fixed several DIN MIDI compatibility issues

  • Fixed spread/pan issue

  • Fixed Mod Matrix recursion bug

  • 14-bit mod wheel now supported

  • Smoothing functions added to several knobs

  • New MIDI Thru option passes all incoming messages from the DIN MIDI In connector to the DIN MIDI Out. (in Global/MIDI Settings)

  • New Global menu structure

  • Corrected Program Change behavior


Wow Brad, you finally did it! Been playing with firmware v0.51 all morning and it sounds great! :slight_smile:

I could only find one issue related to multi mode, it seems that when you go out of it, the internal state of the Parva becomes all weird and I often have to reboot.

I still hope you’re planning direct support for an MPE mode, since setting up everything as multi patches all the time is quite tedious.

I’m really glad that I can now give the Parva a permanent spot in my studio :smiley: :smiley:


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Hmm…next thing. Did the DCO calibration, power-cycled the Parva, and now everything is playing, but about 6-7 octaves lower than it should be it seems. A “C8” midi note sounds with pitch similar to how C2 or C1 would normally sound. Checked for some “Master Transpose” setting or the like, but didn’t find anything. Get the same results from an Arturia Keystep midi-cabled directly into the Parva or a DAW midi note through the Midisport 4x4 into the Parva.



Set the range of OSC* back to 0, the release notes explain why.


In the OSC* menu, you’ll see the “Range” parameter (effectively a per-patch master transpose) is now -59 (~5 octaves down). Adjust it to 0, save the patch, and you’re good to go. This was a side-effect of enabling 14-bit mod wheel support – see Note 2 from the first post:


You know, I glanced at that when I first read the notes, but it didn’t sink in obviously. Let me give MYSELF some crap for not reading the instructions thoroughly enough. Geez…and thanks!


So very excited to update to this. Excellent work Brad! Many thanks for all the hard effort you have put in to get Parva here. I be better able to confirm once I update my silver box. But it sounds like with v 51 we are where we all ideally were hoping to be on release. Glad to hear you made it in time for the September full version launch deadline.


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@ProckGnosis did you check to see if your voicecard firmware was updated properly? I noticed with mainboard 0.51 and voice 0.46 I had this same issue. This resolved when voicecard was upped to 0.51.


Where is the voicecard firmware? Is it part f the main firmware?


The Parva Firmware file contains two firmware files – one for the mainboard and one for the voicecards.


Excellent and congrats on a milestone release! Can’t wait to try it. Standing by as I’m a Windoze user.



My luck that just when it is released I am away for the weekend! I definitely will be loading this up on Sunday when I am back. I am on Windows 10 so I hope that it will be smooth sailing by then.


Please see the note at the top of this page:


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I’ve fixed the Windows compatibility issue and uploaded mainboard v0.52

For any programmers out there: Always make sure your “build for production” script uses the same compiler optimization flags as your “build for test” script.


120 resonance on lp4 is when I get a bump as well.


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