Parva feature request thread


If its ok with the administrators I’d like to start a feature request thread so we can contribute with ideas about how we want the Parva to evolve.

I’ll start with some:
-LFO Delay/Fade in: I’ve seen it requested before and although you can use an envelope to modulate it sometimes is a little cumbersome to do it that way.
-Detach DCOs from key tracking: Specially useful on oscillator 3 for the fm modulation and also to make drones.
-Individual control of the high pass and low pass filter frequency and resonance: Maybe a new “mode” of the filter in which you can individually control and modulate both filters so you can get more sonic capabilities out of the Parva.


Both of these will be in v0.70 (currently in-house testing). Other improvements in this version of the voicecard firmware include a fix for the sliding triangle wave and the addition of oscillator fine tuning as a mod destination.

I’ll have to give some thought to this one.


Wow, glad to hear that! I cant wait to try the new features.

Since im never satisfied i’ve already thought of new ones :smile:

-Patch volume/multi mixer: When im on multi mode im missing a simple way to mix each of the patches without using the individual outputs.
-LFO/Envelope polyphonic retrig: It would be cool to have an option so any new note will retrig the Lfo/envelope (f ex LFO 1) on all the voices at the same time. Extra points if you can also retrig envelopes with LFOs.
-Sample and hold/slew limiter for any modulation source: Maybe a little over the top but that will turn the parva into the ultimate sound design tool. It could be implemented in the mod matrix, like LFO 1 > sample and hold and then sample and hold > filter freq for ex. The amount can control the speed of the S/H.
-Arpeggiator: I know I know, way over the top and hard to implement with the interface but having a basic arpeggiator on the voice section would be just amazing :slight_smile:


Sine wave LFOs, and/or oscillators. I assume there is a technical reason why these weren’t included in the first place (curious to hear why), but it’s something that I’d love to see.

Animated real-time visual representation of the effects from PWM and modulations from the mod matrix in the OSC/ENV/LFO waveform displays. It would be great to actually see the pulse width modulation reflected in realtime when Pulse is selected in the OSC section, for example. Also a mode that shows visualizations of the lfo waveforms would be amazing. I’m sure implementing this stuff would not be a simple task but it would be a huge workflow enhancement, in my opinion.

+1 for a Multi mode mixer also. It would be extremely convenient to see the pans and levels for every voice all on one page.


Though I’ve posted this request elsewhere on the forum I will add native microtonal tuning support to the list. Either by using an enhanced keyboard pitch slope or some other implementation.




I think a digital delay effect would be doable and add quite a bit. On my DW-8000 I used the delay as a chorus and it worked great.


I think that a digital delay “per se” its not possible since its an analog synth and the signal never gets into the digital realm (correct me if im wrong). But with the combination LFO’s delay and LFO retriggering envelopes you can get a similar effect. Thats why I asked that as a feature in the first place :smiley:

Another option could be a midi delay, maybe a new submenu along the arpeggiator? (dreaming)

QoL improvement: Make it so that when you sync an lfo by midi the rate knob controls the clock divider. Its kind of annoying to have to go to a submenu if you want to play with LFO’s live.


That’s correct.

That was the original behavior. I don’t remember why I changed it, but I’m sure there was a reason.


Even though I don’t own one yet, I plan to, I’d like to see if you can come out with different filter cards, and we can mix and match them to get a huge variety of sounds, that’d be insane.


I wish to have the possibility to load multi-sessions with PC message, by using LSB message instead of MSB for example.

Triggered vs gated envelopes

mixer in multimode would be great, at least could there be implemented a cc volume control of each patch?


Would it be possible to implement MIDI release velocity as a mod source in the matrix?