Parva Ctrlr panel


While waiting for my Parva (should be here very soon, yay), I’ve put together a Ctrlr panel (not released yet), covering all MIDI CC’s available in manual. Though there are some parameters where I’m not sure about the value mapping.
Some ranges are nicely explained with exact values (i.e. OSC Waves - 1,2,3-50). But others only describe actual ranges.
To translate them into standard CC values, I need to know how they are interpreted by Parva.
Some examples from the manual:
CC15 OSC1 Range -60 … +60 Semitone steps
CC16 OSC1 Fine -50 … +50 Cent steps

Are they supposed to start on value 0 or rather being centered around value 63? I suppose I’ll be able to figure it out when Parva arrives but knowing it earlier might speed up the release of the panel a bit. Thanks in advance to Brad or anyone who can answer my questions!

P.S.:@Brad, would you mind sharing a vector logo with me, please, in case you are fine with allowing me to add it to the free area of the panel?

[ ] polish the layout a bit
[ ] add logo?
[ ] adjust the colors to Futuresonus tone of blue
[ ] adjust the values being displayed for the bi-polar values
[ ] set the default values for each parameter - recalled with double-click

I’m open to any suggestions but keep in mind that my Ctrlr panel design skills are basic. (i.e. I don’t know how to handle patch storing etc.)

Just got a used Parva. Serial no. 15. Need a little help

Yes, those values start from 0. They’re not centered around 63.

I’ll email you a logo file.


Thanks for the logo!

Panel is available at for download. Let me know if you spot any bugs.

2017-01-30 Edit: There was a missing menu and panel was cropped in the original version. It should be sorted now.

I’ve noticed in other thread that there are supposed to be NRPNs for other parameters that are not covered by MIDI CC implementation. But I was not able to detect any MIDI data from Parva when changing any of those parameters i.e. from Voice menu or Mod Matrix. Could these be added in the future? It would be cool to have all parameters in the ctrlr panel.


also, There is now 2 more VCF panels to add - VCF1 (cutoff 116 reso 117) and VCF2 (cutoff 118 reso 119) for when VCF type is set to SPL (split).
Any advancements on NRPN for acess to menu items?
also, multimode?


Sorry, I don’t have Parva anymore so somebody else has to carry the torch. It’s not that difficult with Ctrl editor to expand the panel. If I get Parva again, I’ll update it :wink: