Parva arpeggiates chords - what's going on?


Edit (I loaded a different patch, and it seems to have stopped). when I load the original patch, it’s still weird. could it be an lfo setting - but the effect seems to change…well in any case, I’ll leave this here in case someone has encountered it)

It’s curious, and forgive me if this has been posted about here. I had read about this from a user on the muffwiggler forum. He talked about playing chords, and having the notes arpeggiate, and then having this stop spontaneously.

Well, i haven’t done much music for a few months, and turned the Parva on today, and this was happening rather dramatically. I could not find a setting that was causing this, and then it just stopped. Well, almost. It still seems to be doing it a bit, though not as badly. I’ve tried multiple DAWs and multiple keyboards, one using usb and another a midi cable. I have the Parva connected via USB

I’m using firmware .62, and I do not recall this happening before. I did have issues with sending busy sequences to the parva, but not when I simply play chords.

has anyone ever encountered this? Am I forgetting some basic setting? right now, the synth is really not very useful…any suggestions?


You seem to have found a bug with something – there is no setting that causes the Parva to arpeggiate chords (on purpose). I haven’t heard from this other user, so it’s hard to tell what may be common between your setups. Could you try upgrading your mainboard firmware to the attached beta version? (56.3 KB)


yeah - sure. now, I’m not so quick to think it’s a bug - I always like to leave open some kind of user error possibility, especially when I’m ‘out of practice’. but I always like to try the latest version. Will upgrade after dinner. Thanks for the quick reply!


wow. that seems dramatically better…there must have been something corrupted somewhere. This sounds great. Thanks!


this firmware is better, but there is indeed an issue here. I just encountered it again, and had to reboot the parva. Then it was fine, but I’ve never encountered this on another synth, and it’s not supposed to happen, so?


Can you provide the following information?

  • Mainboard firmware: v0.65
  • Voicecard firmware:
  • Controller used:
  • Port used (USB, DIN, Host):
  • Any other equipment connected? (eg: computer connected via USB while keyboard controller is on DIN MIDI port):
  • Brief description of steps to reproduce (it’s ok if you weren’t mentally keeping track - just a general idea of what you were doing when the issue occurred):


,65 main board. voices .60
controller was roli seaboard 49.
was using usb midi connection
not sure what else you want with equipment - not sure what is relevant. I mean, I have lots of things ‘connected’, but this was the only midi connection made in the DAW.
No idea of the steps to reproduce. Was concentrating on other things, then went back to playing the parva, and got the arpeggiation again.


So you had the Seaboard connected to your computer and the computer connected to the Parva via USB? What OS and DAW were you running?


yes. 10.11.5 and bitwig (just got bitwig and learning it, but don’t see how that would cause arpeggiation)


I don’t see how, either, but the point of these questions is not to place blame on some part of your system; it’s to help me understand and identify the problem. With all the Parvas out there in use, this is the first time anyone has experienced unintentional arpeggiation of chords, so I consider any information about your system and usage patterns to be relevant. I have a Seaboard RISE 25 and a Mac, so I’ll grab the Bitwig demo and see if I can duplicate the behavior.


yeah - sorry. didn’t mean to suggest that you were placing blame, just trying to think also what could be causing it on this end. I know I"m not the ONLY person who has experienced this, because I first read about it from someone in a thread on muffwiggler (i think it was mw and not gearslutz).


ok. turned on parva, and it’s happening again. This time with another DAW - Cubase 9, so it’s obviously not the DAW.

Tried again - turn off Parva, and turn on again. Fixed.

seems to happen when I first use the parva, but I’m not sure what else plays into it.


Are the arpeggios continuous (C E G E C E G E C)? Or does it just play each note once? Did you notice if they’re in any particular sequence, or do they seem to be random?


haven’t been too analytical about it not sure. i just want it to be over when it happens. I’ll try to experiment more carefully next time.