Parva #00043 For Sale


I’m looking to move more into Eurorack…plus…taxes! :frowning:

So I think I have to part with my Parva. The unit is functionally 100% and has the original darker window, but I also have a kit of parts to replace it with a clearer window. Cosmetically there are a couple of minor scuff marks.

I’ll throw in an inexpensive Ikea book holder that is a perfect fit to tilt the Parva up at a useful angle on your desktop. It’s the one shown here:

IF interested please contact me at


This is still available.


This is still still available! :slight_smile:

8 voices, up to date firmware…


I’m interested in buying one. Especially with that nice IKEA holder.
There are few things I have to make clear.

1.Would you ship to Japan? I am a Japanese, living in Japan.
2.How should I make the payment?

Please. email me back at
The address you posted didn’t work when I clicked it.


how much? where are you based? thanks


$800 + shipping from Texas to the US. Includes a RIMFORSA stand from IKEA.


would you ship to New Zealand? thanks


Sorry, must ship to USA address.