Odd behavior with sustain with new firmware


Since I installed the newest firmware (mainboard v68 and voice v64) I’ve noticed something wrong with sustain behavior. In mono or unison patches (maybe in poly too but I didn’t notice) if I hold a note while playing others sometimes the sustain fades out very quickly. I think it only happens when I hold more than 2 notes at the same time but its kind of random, I can’t replicate it every time but it happens a lot.


I can confirm that I also have this issue. Same firmware. Playing patches in mono or unison in legato often ends up with notes being cut off.


@futuresonus can you confirm that this is indeed a bug? Any news in the new firmware update? Thanks in advance!


This is a bug in mainboard v68 firmware, and is now fixed. To be released later today.


Nice! :slight_smile: