NRPN Mapping


Hello everybody
I got my Parva a weak ago and i’m starting do dig in to it. I’d like to map several parameters of the modmatrix to my Novation SL MK II. For example ModM. 1, Source: The manual says NRPN 130 so i tried MSB 1 LSB 2 and Range 0-15. No message transmitted. Can anybody help me? Thanks


The first step is to find out what is actually being transmitted. Can you connect the keyboard to your computer and look at the MIDI messages? For Mac, I use MIDI Monitor. You should see the following messages:

NRPN 130, value 9
  B0 63 01  // MSB 01
  B0 62 02  // LSB 02
  B0 06 00  // MSB 00
  B0 26 09  // LSB 09

or in MIDI Monitor simple mode:
  Non-Registered Parameter MSB 1
  Non-Registered Parameter LSB 2
  Data Entry (coarse)          0
  Data Entry (fine)            9


Thank you very much for your Help. On the SL MKII only the Encoders are able to operate in 14bit mode. With these i’m now able to send NRPN to the Parva. Is there a way to use the 7bit controllers for NRPN. On the SL MKII it is possible to set everything exactly the same as on the 14bit Encoders but in MIDI Monitor the Data Entry (fine) parameter is missing.