"No Device Detected" Problem


Hey all,

Long time no play with the Parva, and I’m trying to do the firmware update. Downloaded all the required files to update to 0.7 mainboard and voice cards, as well as the ParvaUtil.exe.

Problem is the Parva isn’t detected by the laptop. OS is Win 10, and the Parva has 0.51 versions of everything installed. Windows recognized the Parva when it was plugged in, and indicated it was set up, but the Firmware Utility only indicated “No Device Detected”.

Brad had recommended back in 2016 when I had this problem with Win 8.1 (trying to install the 0.51 version), that I could force a mainboard rollback (reinstall) to 0.50, which I did, and then the PC recognized the Parva. Would it be possible to do the same thing with mainboard 0.70? Does the PC need to see the Parva to do the mainboard update to 0.70? And is it ok to skip all the updates in between 0.51 and 0.70? Just want to make sure.

Thanks in advance…I’m kind of excited about getting this thing updated and playing with it a bit more.



Hey Max,

Did you actually read through all the instructions? If you do the “press the B knob while you’re powering up the Parva” it will force a connection to the utility software, and you can then do the update. You have to actually read through everything though… : )