New development


The website says “Parva orders are temporarily suspended while we focus on new development”

Does anyone know the nature of this new development work? I’d like to buy a Parva, but am wondering if I should wait for a new release.

Any insights would be much appreciated.


I have one for sale, email me tlarocca1 at


Since the question wasn’t quite answered I’m going to bump it because I’d really like to know if there’s some hope of having one.


Parva production is on hiatus temporarily, and it will eventually return. I hope to make some manufacturability, reliability, and consistency improvements as well. The “new development work” is something new and different – not a Parva replacement.


Thanks! I really want you to know your gear is awesome and I hope you keep feeding my GAS.


Care to drop any hints or is it top secret? :slight_smile:


Yeah! Of all the synths out there to consider as a poly-analog option your’s is basically the 8-voice Moog One, only you brought yours out before they did. Other than DCO’s over VCO’s and maybe some difference’s in filter or OSC waveshape you basically have the same synth. 3 OSC’s per voice, mod-matrix, multiple filter types, and your’s is way more affordable being a module. So if I can get my hands on one of yours by this fall, unless an Arturia polybrute come’s out and blow’s mind’s, I’d say your’s is the one that kill’s at the 1,000.00 price point. And that’s about as much as I could really afford/justify.

Really look forward to whatever you are working on next. Thanks for what I’m sure was a hard start up, and much success to your future releases!!