New Development - Thoughts on Filter Configuration


Not sure if this is the place to post this -

I’ve been interested in the Parva for a really long time. It really seems like a dream synth and checks all of the boxes for me in terms of what I want and expect from a modern poly synth.

I was curious if would be possible to expand upon the implementation of the dual filter. I think it would be really interesting to have switchable/sweepable series and parallel filter configurations and to be able to address the filters independently with control voltage.



First, there is no CV i/o (but you could get a cv to midi translator)

As for the filter config this is from the manual ( )


Each voice contains two two-pole multi-mode filters in series, which can be combined to form various low-pass, high-pass, and bandpass filter topologies. Use the Cutoff and Resonance knobs to adjust the filter frequency and resonance. Resonance, or Q, causes a peak at the cutoff frequency. At high resonance settings, the filters will self-oscillate.

To access other filter parameters, click the VCF knob. The filter frequency can be increased or decreased based on the note played, for a more natural sound throughout the keyboard range. Additionally, OSC3 can modulate the filter at audio frequencies, creating metallic and bell-like tones. Note that OSC3 Level can be at 0 if it is being used purely for modulation.

Split Mode

When Split Mode is selected, turn the VCF knob to access the VCF1 and VCF2 menus will become available, and each of the two filters may be adjusted independently. In this mode, the Cutoff and Resonance parameters on the main VCF menu control the relative values of the filter simultaneously. The main Key Amt parameter has no effect, nor does ENV2 . You may route ENV2 to either or both of the filters through the Mod Matrix.

Remember that the filters are arranged in series, so if VCF2 is completely closed, there will be no audible sound.