Multimode only works as mono



I’m trying to use the multimode but i’m unable to make polyphonic sounds with it.

I activate the multimode, config the patches with multiple voices (im trying to play 2 patches with 4 voices each) and set the different midi channels.
When I play a sequence, each channel sound with the patch assigned to it but they only play as monophonic even if the patch is poly and I allocate more than 1 voice.

I’ve just updated the mainboard to 00.62 and the voice cards to 0.60. Maybe I’m missing something?


Can you try the following?

  1. Load “init” patch
  2. Verify poly operation
  3. Go to Multi, enable
  4. Verify poly operation again
  5. Reduce the number of voices allocated to Slot 1 to 4
  6. Verify poly operation
  7. Go to Slot 2, and set number of voices to 4
  8. Verify poly operation
  9. Change Slot 2 patch to any other poly patch
  10. Verify poly operation
  11. Change Slot 2 MIDI channel
  12. Verify poly operation


I’ve tried your procedure and I found that the parva “kills” the polyphony when I change the midi channel in multi mode. If I just left omni on both voices the polyphony works fine but as soon as I change it the parva became mono. Even if I change the channels back to Omni it keeps playing mono and the whole synth feels buggy (I get a lot of stuck notes till I restart it).


I’m not able to reproduce this. Can you try updating the mainboard firmware to the attached version?

mainboardv66.hex (180.3 KB)


That firmware have solved my problem :slight_smile: . I have to test it out more thoroughly but everything seems working fine now.

I just bought a Parva (second hand) and I was already pleased with the UI and the quality of construction but I have to say that your customer service is amazing.

Keep up the good work!


Is this a new firmware for everyone to test?
What has changed?