MIDIClk LFO getting out of sync?


I’m trying to simulate sidechain compression using a tempo-synced sawtooth LFO with negative depth sent to the VCA level. However, I’ve noticed that the LFO quickly gets out of sync with the beat. Has anyone else experienced this?

I’ve tried syncing the Parva to MIDI clocks from a Digitakt, a Keystep, and Logic Pro X, but the LFO always goes out of sync.


To clarify, I had the LFO set to “1b” which I expected to sync the LFO to one cycle per quarter note.


Here’s an audio sample demonstrating the LFO going out of sync. The parva was configured to modulate the filter cutoff frequency with a sawtooth LFO synced to “1b”. The LFO was key-synced to ensure that it restarted on the first note. You can hear the LFO go out of sync after one measure. MIDI was sent from Logic Pro X through a iConnectMIDI2+ to the Parva.