Is a micro-tuning feature on the roadmap already? Would be totally awesome to have that, in a kind of Korg Monologue way.


I have been talking to Brad about possibly implementing a X notes per octave microtuning so you could play 9 notes, 22, notes per octave, etc. The Monologue uses, I believe the Midi Tuning Standard, which I’d guess is more difficult to implement. I’d love it though because MTS, as you probably know, is a lot more flexible.

I’ve been experimenting with using the “pitch bend” method but I’ve run into road blocks when trying to use “omni” - I had some success using multimode with assigning each voice its own midi channel and using a Linnstrument to limit the output channel to 8 channels. In omni mode it seems I can get the Parva to lock up at the start of the retuning or after using for an extended period. Its a bit frustrating. I was looking for a way around the multimide because that takes a bit of work to set up.



I’ve been looking for a hardware synth that allows micro-tuning and is MPE compliant. How much closer is the Parva to being that synth?


It would be cool to have the micro-tuning implemented natively. So after the midi note comes in and is converted to a pitch cv, a slight adjustment can be made from a micro-tuning table or something. Hopefully not that hard to implement, and a cool niche maybe for Brad to dive into.

Hopefully small feature which will excite all the micro-tuning nerds out there :wink: At least he will sell a unit to Aphex Twin then!


Hi Brad, has you found any possible way to incorporate microtuning? I know the request is a bit out the ordinary. I’m curious if the structure of the electronics makes this an impractical goal or if it might be possible in some future release.