Looking to buy a Parva in Europe


Hi together,

I was interested in the Parva for quite some time. But now I know I want one.
As buying is no option at the moment (not available due to focus on new development which sounds good to me) I’d like to get a used Parva (6+ voices). If someone wants to sell I would be happy to hear about it :slight_smile:. I am located in Germany.

If you don’t save me I am intrigued to buy a DeepMind 12D now that the prices have dropped again :wink:


I would also be interested in acquiring a Parva within EU.

I hope it’s Ok that I put this underneath this post, rather than opening a new thread.

Anyhow, if someone has an 8 voice to sell and for some reason didn’t end up selling to flightvision, or if he already found his, please direct message me.