Just got a used Parva. Serial no. 15. Need a little help


I changed the topic and the category as I think these are relevant user issues. Let me know what the etiquette is here - should I break this up into multiple topics.

First off, I gotta say I like the basic sound of this synth. Seems very pure and a nice contrast to my moog voyager. It’s a nice form factor and doesn’t have the usual crappy digital efx.

Now on to the questions. I have updated firmware and calibrated but did not do voice card tuning yet.

  1. I have an early serial number. Are there hardware upgrades available? I think I read on a thread that the earlier units are noisier. It seems like there might be a power supply upgrade coming for older units.

  2. where is the patch lib? It came with about 50 presets, not sure if they were factory, or the previous owners creations?. About 4 of them were decent. Are the patches that in the demo on the site in the factory presets?

  3. I loaded the Rowland Rose patches. They don’t seem right - very distorted. Can someone post a clip of one of the more traditional patches in this set so I can tell? What patch parameters might one have to reset after a firmware upgrade?

  4. I tried to load the drum patches by Dr Y using the same method using midi-ox as I did with Rowlands patches, but these don’t load.

  5. I also loaded the factory patches I found in a thread here but can’t tell if the loaded or not. Can someone tell me the factory patch names?

  6. Regarding loading patches via sysex, I have a few questions. Can you load a patch to a different location than the one in the patch? Is there a way to save and load banks? Shouldn’t parva tell me it’s receiving sysex info?

  7. is there a status on the noise/high pitched whine issue? I hear it and it has been detected by others as well.

  8. Are there any plans for an editor? Is anyone working on one? Is the midi implementation robust enough yet to support an editor.



There are not currently any hardware upgrades, other than the display window replacement.

Here’s a little utility that diagnoses and fixes common problems with patches saved from earlier firmware revs: http://staging.futureson.us/patchfixer/

That patchfixer page will also allow you to change bank/slot/name and save the modified file.

There have been many different symptoms described as a “whine.” If there is background noise at less than -72dB, then your unit is functioning normally. If there is a louder whine, let me know so we can troubleshoot.

There is a Ctrlr panel: Parva Ctrlr panel
and a TB MIDI Stuff panel: Parva iPad Editor (TB MIDI Stuff panels)


Hey there, i also have a parva from the first kickstarter badge. Im not using it a lot because it has a very high pitched noise! i might have missed a solution for this. Can you give me an advice of what to do?


Can you record a brief clip of the noise and email (or PM through the forum) it to me?


Hey there, i put a soundfile in my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h77pid8k0t3irsb/0004%201-Audio.wav?dl=0
that noice is not related to a certain patch, its not so apparent when you play harsh or crisp sounds but it bothers me when i have a soft pad with with closed filters and i crank up the master volume a bit, then the noise is a bit bah.


Ok - I’ll check it out on Monday.


That’s the Sound of Parva. Normal. Would have helped to record i.e. Osc1 with Level 100, Filter full open, no Resonance and Clean Mode On for a few moments as a reference


Should i do that? Does it make sense?


Hey there, did you check it out? Can you give me an reply on that?


As said, this is perfectly normal for Parva.


So everybody has this high pitched noise problem?


Did you receive my email?