Individual Voice Outputs with multi-mode


Is it possible to make an individual voice (assigned to multi) only output via the voice output and not out the main output?

At first I thought this was possible because it seemed to work when I only had the left channel connected from the master output and a standard TS jack plugged into voice output 1. But the voice was still playing out of the right master channel once I connected it. When I used a TRS jack cable (stereo) to plug into voice output 1, the voice continued to play out of both left and right master. So now I suspect that the muting master is not actually intended behavior but is instead an electrical byproduct of plugging a mono TS jack into the stereo TRS voice output.

@futuresonus are you able to confirm this?

How can I assign patches to individual output? Or can I at all?

Yes, that’s correct. I meant to put the switch in v70, but will get it in v71 for sure. The options are “auto”, which removes the voice from main outs when a cable is plugged in, and “on”, which always keeps the voice in the main outs.


Thanks, that’s good to know :slight_smile:

I have managed to find a workaround that works well enough for my current needs. Turning down the volume of the multi-voice to about 50, and then boosting the gain on the mixer for that channel.

This mostly eliminates it from the master channel. Particularly so since I am using that voice channel for bass and I can cut out some of the bass frequencies on the master channel.