How to effect all voices in multi mode?


I’m using the Parva in multi mode with a Fishman Tripleplay and my pedal steel. Works so well!
I’ve made a few presets, then loaded them into separate midi channels, one voice per channel, then saved those as multi mode presets.

One thing I’d like to be able to do is manipulate all the voices at the same time while I play. i.e. adjust cutoff, resonance, LFO depth/rate, etc…

Any tips? thanks!


Are you loading the same patch into each slot of the multi? If so, you can use the MPE functionality instead: Just setup the FTP to use MIDI channels 2-7 and enable MPE on the Parva with the same settings.


Thanks Brad,

Yes, I loaded the same patch into each slot of the multi, so when I adjusted the controls while playing it would only affect one of the voices.

I just gave what you said a shot. I set “MPE ZONE: 02-07”, but am unsure of what to set MIDI Chan to… (just above “MPE Zone”). Also, should I have the Voice CFG set to mono or poly on the patch?

It seemed to work ok, but maybe not as well as multi mode. The tuning was really solid in multi mode. Using MPE Zone 2-7, the notes seemed to drift flat a little on a chord. I’ll be messing around with it some more. I’d like to set it up with the Fishman FC-1 controller so I can take advantage of the sustain button, expression control, and quickly jumping to presets on the Parva.

Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I’m new to a lot of this, learning as I go.


You should set the global MIDI channel to 1 and Voice CFG to poly. If the tuning sounds different between the two methods, you might check the Detune setting in the Voice menu.