How can I assign patches to individual output? Or can I at all?


Let’s say, I made 3 patches. Patch A with 4 voices(Unison). Patch B with 3 voices(Poly) and C with 1(mono). I don’t want all three to sound from main output or any just 2 outputs. But I can’t figure out how to assign patches to output I want. How can I do it if I want A to sound from main output, B to sound from individual output 1&2, and C to sound from individual output 6? Or maybe simply, just A coming out from 1, B from 2 and C from 3? Also, each individual output is unbalanced stereo, right? Can I make 2 individual outputs as balanced stereo output? Sorry if this is a noob question…I did try to find the answer from the manual…


What on Earth…? Next morning I was given this…Badge thing, titled “Read guidelines.” I’m sure that telling me that “it was given becaues you read the guideline” is a sarcasm since there is no way for the forum to know that I did. Was my question impolite? Did I upset somebody? Why was I warned? The guideline basically said to be civil. And I think I acted as requested. I read the manual. I did search the past questions. Although my English skill is poor I don’t think I deserve to be welcomed by a sarcastic message to “read guidelines.” Or are there local rules, only known to Parva backers, that I should be aware of? Somebody PLEASE help me.


There is a way and it does. You get badges for visiting the forums and for viewing a certain number of topics.

The badges, by default, are not sarcastic at all and are, basically, mechanical. ‘read’ in this case, is past tense. You read the guidelines. There is no instruction or snark to it.


OK…Thank you. Then I won’t worry about that. How about the original question that I’m having? Anybody? It is ridiculous that despite that there are so many outputs, Parva can only output patches in multi from just TWO outputs(L&R). To me it seems it doesn’t make any sense if you can’t route the outputs…Don’t you guys need to separate your outputs when you mix your patches with your mixers and etc? EQ or comp or other insertion effects would be different for each patches, would it not?


Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with the Parva yet.I only just ordered mine.
It seems related to this question, but I am not sure whether or not a voice is the same as a patch, in your case.

I remember reading a post somewhere (I can’t find it now) that suggested that the assignment was automatic based on what outputs had something plugged in. If my, admittedly limited, understanding is correct then you should be able to get individual outs but it will only be a standard “voice 1 goes to output 1, voice 3 goes to output 3” etc,


The output routing in Parva is relatively basic: each voice has an independent stereo out that is always active, and each voice is also mixed into the main outs. There is an option to choose whether plugging a cable into the voice’s output jack mutes that voice in the main outs or not.

To do what it sounds like you want to do, you’ll need to run all 8 stereo outs into a mixer so that you can route them to different fx chains, etc externally.



So, does that mean that each slots in multis corresponds to voicecard numbers?
In my example, where I have Patch A with 4 unison, Patch B with 3 poly and 1 mono, should I set up multi slots like this?

1.Unison patch(set number of Voices:01)
2.Unison patch(same as above)
3.Unison patch(same as above)
4.Unison patch(same as above)
5.Poly patch(same as above)
6.Poly patch(same as above)
7.Poly patch(same as above)
8.Mono patch(same as above)

then route the output of voicecards 1~4 to my mixer and set every parameter for insertion effect the same for the Patch A and repeat the same procedure for B and C? And don’t plug audio cables into Main outputs since I don’t need mixed outputs to be routed into my mixer?

Sorry that my question and guesses are getting long. I want to make myself clear so that if anybody faces the same problem, they should have no problem unstarstanding how to fix it.


I misread this part. I thought you wrote that you can’t. Could you please describe how to do this? or tell me the page of the manual to refer to? Thank you in advance.


Damn, I misunderstood again. I plugged in cables in individual outs and main outputs automatically muted them! I thought you meant that I can choose parva to do that or not.


The voices are assigned sequentially, so you can just do:

  1. Unison patch (4 voices)
  2. Poly patch (3 voices)
  3. Mono patch (1 voice)

Yes, that’s the default behavior. The switch to keep them in the mains even with individual outs plugged in has been added in firmware v72, currently in beta.


Weird, I am not seeing this behavior. When I plug a cable into the individual output, the voice is still present in the main output. I’ve also noticed some high frequency noise in the main out when playing a low note on a voice that is being sent to an individual output. The noise is less noticeable when I play higher notes on that voice.