How about if it was possible to access to the matrix mod simply by


Each time I think to that, then here it is:
how about if it was possible to access to the matrix mod simply by pressing the B knob (or maybe long press, regardless for the menu location)?

And other suggestion: in multi-mode session, that will be fine if I could to use synthesis settings of each different slot just by scrolling on the slot list, without having to press the A Knob, and then long-press to return to the slot list.

I think the interface is brilliant enough, transparent and intuitive, one of the highlight of the Parva, but for my personnal use this two suggestions whould make it even better.

There, I said it.


How about a customizable shortcut button? I’d add a setting to select which menu the B knob press will take you to.

I don’t think this will work. Can you go into a little more detail about how you’d like to see this implemented?


Great for the customizable shortcut! That would be perfect!

About the multimode session, for example, I’d like to be able to change the cutoff in the slot 1, then to do a quick scrolling to the slot 8, turn the osc1 range of this slot, then change any setting in other slot, without the need of entering and going out of sub-menus of each slot.

Or, at least, I don’t know how, to remplace the Long press of knob A by a short press, that because when the music is playing I like to feel direct responses… When I’m playing, long press takes more CPU of my brain.


Hi Brad and Userman,
yes, I totally agree. This is really one flaw in the great interface.
For example, the Nordlead Modular has 4 dedicated buttons to access the 4 different voices. So it is super easy and fast to change parameters of the voices live.
In the Parva Menu, there should be the option to quickly access multimode in order to change the voice cards. My suggestion would be: pressing the B knob brings you immediately in the multimode menu, where you can change the voice cards. (This could also be done with a customizable shortcut button).
I also think that it is not necessary to confirm with a push on the knob, which of the 8 voicecards you select in the menu. It’s enough to scroll to the respective voice card slot.


Ok - you’ve convinced me. There will be a multi-menu shortcut and slot auto-load in v71.