Help with Renoise?


I am trying to sequence the Parva on the demo version of Renoise. I am connecting the Parva with the USB cable I was given. I have the right MIDI channel, Parva is set as MIDI output, and the routing is to the external synth. However, I don’t hear anything coming out from the Parva when I play the Renoise track. Is there a command I have to set? Maybe my question is more suitable for the Renoise forum.


I haven’t used Renoise, but there’s no special configuration needed on the Parva side. Are you using a mac or windows system? If Mac, you could try using a simple on-screen keyboard like MidiKeys to make sure everything is working properly. I’m sure there’s a similar program for Windows, as well.


I’m using Windows. Thanks for the question.


For Windows, use MIDI-OX. Every Windows-based musician with MIDI equipment should be using it. I think it’s a federal law.

It’s free BTW.


Are you joking about MIDI OX being federal law? That’s ridiculous!


yes, it was a joke. The point was that for Windows users, there really is no better utility. You can do basic stuff with it without looking at any documentation, but the capabilities are very deep and it is like a Swiss Army knife MIDI toolbox in one application.


It’s working now, and it sounds cool!