FS: Parva (sold)


Sold. Thanks to all that inquired


Damn…if OldGearGuy is calling it quits, that’s not a good sign. Personally I have to say thanks for the persistence, patience, and willingness to help up til now. May your search for new gear find fruit elsewhere OldGearGuy.



Don’t read too much into it.
I never had an issue with the core sonics of the Parva. I think the oscillators sound pleasant and musical and the UI is fast and fun to use with all the displays. My main issues were with the lack of communication and every release cycle being promised ‘this weekend’ which turned into months. As a result, I stopped using the Parva waiting for the next update to fix stuff and my space is too small and life is too short to have gear sitting around unused.

I still have a PPG and a Jupiter 8 as well as some more modern stuff for polysynths and I decided to jump into the deep end and picked up a Spectralis, so we’ll see where that ends up.