Firmware V0.70 Questions


Dear Brad,

thanks a lot for releasing V0.70 with many new features and corrections. May I ask some questions:

The Triangle Glide as we called it is not mentioned to be fixed and based on some simple listening tests, there is no big change to V0.64 of the voicecard firmware. Is my observation correct or have you been able to fix this?

Would you please explain the inner working of the split mode? I was able to hear modulation of Filter 1 Cutoff by Modwheel, but I could not get the modulation of Filter 1 Resonace to work. Most likely I overlook some basic stuff here.

Thanks for your great support and greetings from Switzerland.


Dear Brad,

would be be great to get answers here about the raised questions, specifically the Triangle Glide, which really bugs me, since the Triangle wave is mostly usefull for Filter FM, but then without the Glide as of now.

Thanks a lot and again, cheers from Switzerland.


Hi Swissdoc,
don’t know if this answers your question.
The filter split mode works in the menu like this (it’s a bit “hidden”):
Activate filter split in the filter menu (after LP HP and so on).
As soon as you have selected the split mode you have to navigate out (long press) then you can access the filters seperately (Filter 1 and Filter 2) and change individually HP/LP, cutoff freq resonance and so on.


Thanks a lot Martin, will check it out next time. Just too busy with non synth stuff these days…