Clicks in audio problem


I am experiencing unwanted audio clicks and I have narrowed it down to the Parva. The audio is routed with the line-outs from my Parva directly to my Yamaha MG12XU mixer which is then traveling via USB to Ableton 10 on my Windows 10 PC. Additional audio effects are turned off.

Other synths on the mixer are not having this issue. The clicks happen regardless of using USB or MIDI keyboard. I only plug one control device in at a time. The clicks are a steady 120 BPM. The sound stops if I decrease volume on the Parva to zero or mute the channels. The firmware and voice cards are on version 0.70.

Thanks for your advice.


It seems unlikely that there is anything internal to the Parva causing steady 120bpm clicks – if you’d said they were random or varied, maybe, but 120bpm makes me think it’s related to your DAW (which you’ve already ruled out) or the power supply (if you’re in the US).

Can you try plugging the Parva in to a different outlet? Maybe even in a different room? Can you hear the clicks through headphones or only when you’re listening on the computer? Do you happen to have another 5V 2-3A center-positive power supply you can try?


Thank you for your prompt reply. When I bypass the DAW and simply listen to the recording device in Windows the clicking does not exist so your assumption is correct. I apologise for blaming the problem on the Parva. You’ve made a beautiful sounding device and I thank you for it.


It turns out the problem was with audio device capture in Ableton. After several false positives the solution was to disable MME drivers and use ASIO drivers, then use the Yamaha mixer as a playback device in Windows and connect the speakers directly to the mixer which allows it to play all of the Windows and Ableton sounds.

Thanks again.