Changing voice count in multi seems to throw off midi channel


Has anyone else tried using a multi patch then changing the voice allocation? I was running a sequencer on ch 5 and 6 on a 2 voice patch and as I changed the voice allocation for on the midi channel assignments screwed up and both voices were sounding on one channel.


@futuresonus are you aware of this issue? wasn’t sure if I should email you directly


I’m not aware of this issue. Can you describe the procedure to replicate it in a little more detail?


haven’t tried in a week, but iirc correctly it was fairly simple:
power on
load a multi voice patch
test it via midi to make sure evert part is playing on the assigned channels
back out to main menu
select multi
select one of the patches listed
change the Voices parameter
test midi again, notice that it seems like the channel assignments have changed, mainly I noticed that one channel almost became ‘omni’


Ok - I’ll check it out.


oh and this is on 0.62mb and 0.60 v