Can we get more demos?



I am in search of a new core synth for my rig. Polyphonic, full digital, control, analog, high voice count, module format. And this Parva seems to be a dream. I’ve seen every single video on YouTube and soundcloud/facebook demos, I was wondering if someone (user or manufacturer) can post another video of its capabilities, preferably a lengthy one, of just it’s tonal palette. I am after a unit with fatter filters than my tetra, I love vintage analog sounds.

Thank you for reading


Have you seen mine?

This one goes over some custom patches I made. Sorry if it’s not the best playing.

Then there’s this one which goes over the basic features of the Parva.


Ah yes, I actually saw both today. I can’t get enough of this synth! I’m trying to find demos that can showcase its synthwave potential. I read you say it doesn’t get vintage type sounds, which I kinda want. But I have a Tetra, Sub phatty, SE02, and others.

I love the Matrix 12 sound, as well as CS80 sounds. Can it get close to the Matrix? I’m eager to try one first hand, but I need to sell some things before making the jump.


Get a Matrix 6. Although its filter is not as good, it can get close enough.


Ah I may never be satisfied with a matrix 6, knowing a matrix 12 exists. It does sound very thin, and similar to my tetra in many ways. I may wait to see what will be revealed at 2018 NAMM. Hopefully poly analog modules. The Parva sounds bigger than the matrix 6, which is still intriguing me.


I mean, I’d recommend it. I’ve got an MS-20 Mini, a Sub 37, a Nord 2, and a couple more minor synths and the Parva is easily the one I play the most. Granted, it’s the newest one I’ve got so there’s a bit of recency bias going on here, but it’s been a few months, plenty of time for some of the new toy shine to wear off. It’s a dream to make endlessly complex pads with that really fill the stereo field. I actually rarely get to recording it because it’s satisfying enough for me to twiddle a few knobs searching for bliss.


Despite the similarity in name, the Matrix-6 and Matrix-12 can’t really be compared. They are quite different.

The better comparison would be the Xpander and the Matrix-12. The Matrix-12 is basically 2 Xpanders plus a keyboard. (I had a Matrix-12 many years ago.)


I just made a short multitracked test. I couldn’t figure out how to listen to the instruments when I recorded it, so they aren’t in sync. The only effect used was the FAC Chorus for the bell sound.


Here’s something I recorded the other day. Just a pad I made, no overdubbing or effects. Just uploaded it for you to check out.


Ah thanks a lot for the demos guys! Basically from what I observe tonewise, this synth has less high end than vintage synths, as if the top frequencies are rounded off to be less aggressive. It seems “peaceful” and “natural” instead of “spacelike”, though I feel the oscillators are slightly stiff and rigid. Have you guys tries out the slope feature? Can it sound more like traditional VCOs? More raw and rich/girthy in the low mids? My dream synth is an OBX or and OBXa, if only we can get that exact tone in a small box… though Behringer has planned for one in about a year.


The Parva’s oscillators are clean by default. They can be dirtier by having the clean mode off in the voice section.


In my demo I have clean OSC turned off. I much prefer that. I think it’s maybe harder to get a truly gritty sound out of it compared to some other synths but I don’t consider it impossible. With clean OSC turned off I think it can get pretty wild. I personally think that patch I used in that demo is kinda titanic–I’m just playing and holding the various notes of a minor 7th, so you’re hearing just four notes w/in a single octave. I’m able to get some screaming with that patch.

I can’t say I’ve messed with the slope much, though I should.


Oh I though the patch itself was massive, but when I look at synthesizers, I always look at the single notes separately to see if a single voice can stand on its own and search for any fragility within a patch regardless of the amount of layers. It definitely can sound like a wall of pads though and I really like it’s peaceful sound. I will pick one up soon! It’ll be my 10th or 11th synth, lost count… :smiley:


Got it, makes sense. Hope you enjoy it!


Old thread but I figured you may like to hear more demos. These are two patches I made, both demos are Parva for pads/bass (all same patch no multi-tracking) and drums are my Machinedrum.

The longer the pads the crazier the synth can get since it has a shit ton of mod features.


Nice sounds! The drum programming is very good too :slight_smile:


Oo very nice thanks! Yes I’m still scrounging for demos online, I’m hoping someone will post more retro-futuristic synthwave capabilities, that’s the kind of sound I’m after


I wanted to make some vídeo demos showing diferentes patches but im waiting for the v70 update to fix the legato problem. Sadly its taking longer than expected…


May I ask what problems that current users have encountered? Will the update bring new features too?