Bad voice or…?


If I have a sequencer send steady 1/8th notes, 1 note drops per 8.

How do I triage the cause?

If I change voice configuration to omni, no issue.


Try running the calibrations again for the filters and voices. If that doesn’t work contact He helped me out with a similar issue.


Here are the first few troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check the Global / Firmware page to make sure all voices are on the same version
  2. Re-run VCF and DCO Calibration routines
  3. Use the individual outputs to determine which voice is dropping (note that the output level is very high and not affected by the master volume control)


I’m finally back home and… it looks like voice 2 is the issue.


The VCF calibration has been running since before I took that picture. Much more than the 5 minutes mentioned in the manual. :-/