Any interest in a 'Decksaver for Parva' via crowdfunding?


Really would love to have a decksaver for Parva…


I would be happy to provide a 3d model of Parva if needed.


If its reasonably priced (im looking at you Elektron) then YES ofc.


Cool I’ll shoot Decksaver an email and see what a minimum order would look like.


they’re asking for dimensions, are the ones on the site pretty accurate or is there something more exact?


I just emailed you a drawing and a 3D model.


So Decksaver quoted approx. £35-£40 inc VAT per cover based on 200units.

They also state that they would need to be the ones to set up the Kickstarter, which kinda makes sense when you consider the shipping issues.

I encouraged them to setup the kickstarter page and let me know so that I can promote it here. Fingers crossed, but I’m not holding my breath. :slight_smile:


Why not simply keep it in a Tupperware container? Even if your house floods, it’ll float.