8 drum patches by Dr.Y


Here are some drum patches, some of them aren’t fully dialed in yet, but why let the perfect be the enemy of the good?


E00 KICK.syx (453 Bytes)
E06 TOM2.syx (453 Bytes)
E05 TOM1.syx (453 Bytes)
E01 SNR.syx (453 Bytes)
E03 OHT.syx (453 Bytes)
E02 SHK.syx (453 Bytes)
E04 CHT.syx (453 Bytes)
E07 CLK.syx (453 Bytes)


Thanks for sharing these, unfortunately they don’t make any sound for me. I have firmware 0.62, voicecard 0.64. I successfully loaded those DK patches and fixed the -59 range issue, but these don’t seem to be affected by the same thing. I wonder what firmware versions you have… I’d love to have some drum sounds on this thing.


For some reason, these patches are offset by one parameter. Try this: http://staging.futureson.us/patchfixer/


Thank worked great, thanks!

Just to save anyone else a step, here are the fixed files that run on the latest firmware:

E00 KICK.syx (455 Bytes)
E01 SNR.syx (455 Bytes)
E02 SHK.syx (455 Bytes)
E03 OHT.syx (455 Bytes)
E05 TOM1.syx (455 Bytes)
E04 CHT.syx (455 Bytes)
E06 TOM2.syx (455 Bytes)
E07 CLK.syx (455 Bytes)


Strange, I am running the latest firmware and the patches still work fine. Must have had something to do with the way I saved them.


I have recently noticed a few patches don’t always save certain parameters, for example my tuning patch would mysteriously get a second OSC square wave at 56 level after reloading. The first letter issue being erased is also still kicking around.


Are you sure this wasn’t a controller or sequencer sending out MIDI CCs?

I’m pretty sure this was fixed in v0.62.


Yeah I definitely remember it while I was making that video of the voice outputs to make sure everything was clean. I had loaded the patch and suddenly it was not the simple saw wave. Nothing plugged into the midi in.

The erasing happened to me with the 0.64 beta you sent me to dump patches, I recall earlier last week I went to save a patch and it had eaten the first letter. That being said that was the only time it’s done that in a long time.


This is awesome! I don’t have a ton of experience synthesizing drums so reverse engineering from patches like this will surely be a great help. Anyone else have drum patches to share? How about some cymbal crashes and more metallic sounds?

…and forgive me, but can someone point to some instructions for uploading patches into the Parva? I can’t seem to find anything in the manual or firmware update literature…


The patches are just sysex files – use any sysex utility (I recommend SysEx Librarian for Mac) to send them to the Parva.


Ok, so just load into sysex utility and send to Parva? The naming scheme (ie: E04) determines which patch slot they copy to?


Yes, that’s it.

The bank and slot info is encoded in the file itself. The lower nibble of the fifth byte is the bank (0=A, 1=B, etc), and the sixth byte is the slot.


Ok, good to know! @doctory can you confirm your patches will load into the ‘E’ bank? Seems likely enough but I just want to make sure I don’t overwrite any of my patches in the ‘A’ bank. Thanks!


I can confirm the versions posted by @rowlandrose load into bank E.


Sweet! Thanks all. I’ll try to pay it forward with some patches worth sharing soon. I came up with a decent organ patch and a flute patch a while back…