31 New Parva Patches by DK


-Main board update to 0.50
-Parva utility in settings select Parva in and out showing up in the two columns
-Patches downloaded and unzipped
-Patch loaded and sent to Parva which is in its normal state and I can browse the new patches directly.


Mine doesn’t show Parva in or out in the columns. THAT has to be the problem.

Thanks Woulfy


Is the Parva shown as “Parva Synth” in the Windows Device Manger under Sound, video and game controllers?
Maybe the Google hits for “usb midi not working in windows 7” do help?



I just wanted to import the patches in my new parva synth (v0.63 / voice: 0.60)
but they sound completely wrong and out of tune… what have I done wrong?



This set of patches was designed on a much earlier firmware rev. The main problem is that the OSC* Range setting has changed – it needs to be adjusted from -59 back up to 0. This utility can do it automatically, or you can adjust manually on the Parva: http://staging.futureson.us/patchfixer/


Loaded these in to my Parva and everything is just making rumbling noises, squacks. Im sure im missing somthing… Any idea?


Hi Everyone, I probably should go back and adjust the patches to work with the current firmware. I made the patches within weeks of getting the Parva back in 2016. As far as I know, I was one of the first users to receive one. I may also design some new patches while I’m at it. But first, I suppose I need to update the firmware.

Just as a reference, here are some audio samples: Parva Patches by Distco


What I have noticed when I am using my KeyStep to drive the Parva (haven’t tried it with another MIDI controller) is that I have to adjust the octaves up to one of the two highest on the Keystep to get anything musical out of the Parva. The patches are there, just low and distorted since the range is off. I am wondering if the Reset OSC* Range on the Patchfixer would fix this or if I need to adjust it one way or the other. Thoughts?

When I do get into a usable range these are really cool. BTW, loved your Binary Creek track - what patch did you use to start that?


The first thing to do is check the OSC* Range setting. If it’s -59, resetting to 0 should get it back to normal.


Awesome, I’ll check that! Thanks!

Today, I plan to noodle some with the Parva; I just got NDLR in the mail yesterday.

Hope everyone’s weekend winds up equally awesome!