31 New Parva Patches by DK


Hi fellow Parva users. These are a variety of patches that I designed within the first couple weeks after I received my Parva.

Most of them push the filter and oscillators to the point of noise. I found it the Parva to sound really unique in that sense. These days, I’m more interested in modular and experimental synthesis. My approach to sound design is to create unconventional sounds. Why should the Parva sound like every other synth out there? It has its own distinctive character. I have experience programming on the Waldorf Q, Roland Juno 106, JX-8P, DSI PolyEvolver and Studio Electronics SE-1X and Omega/CODE.

So here are 31 new patches for you all to play with. Use the ParvaUtil to load them in. Enjoy!

dkparvadesign.zip (8.4 KB)


Thanks, will try them out!


Hi, I wanted to load the patches in my Parva but when I pushed “send to synth” it showed “done” but the patch didn’t appear in the “B” patch list. Does the Parva need to be in a certain “receiving state” to get the patches, the same way as when you’re updating the firmware? What went wrong?
Thanks, I’m really eager to try out new patches to learn how patch design works.


Make sure the Parva is selected in the “Settings” menu of the Parva utility.

Also, you can send these to the Parva (over the USB interface) using any sysex utility: Sysex Librarian, Elektron C6, MIDI OX, etc.


The Parva is not fully recognized by the Surface 3 which i used to update the firmware. After having plugged in the Parva, Windows tries to install a driver but it stops as the driver cannot be installed. The firmware update works fine but i cannot select the Parva in the settings menu of the Parva utility, it doesn’t show up, there is only a microsoft GS wavetable synth shown in the Midi out section, nothing in the Midi in section. Same on my desktop computer.


This is the compatibility issue I mentioned in my last update, and one of the reasons testing is so important. I emailed you a workaround.


I have the exact same issue. Only seeing the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, no Parva. Can you post the work around for the rest of us?



bump for the workaround


Here is an updated version of the mainboard firmware that fixes the Windows compatibility issue. Testing has been focused on the new and improved firmware core, so I can’t guarantee that this doesn’t introduce any new bugs – it’s just a temporary fix to get around this one issue.


Just informing that since the main board update to 0.49 the midi keyboard connection doesn’t work, usb works fine. I’m able to load patches and will reconnect Arpie the arpeggiator once a new update comes out as it is a midi only connection. Interesting patches by the way, happy to be able to try out new things that I didn’t create myself.


Just finished installing .50 firmware and I’m still unable to load or save patches. Is there something special on the Parva I have to do to send/receive patches? Maybe I’m just doing it wrong.

Thanks and congrats on the latest mainboard firmware. Looking forward to the new voice firmware.



Assuming you’re running Windows, what version do you have? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit? Is the Parva plugged in directly, or through a USB hub (including hubs built in to keyboard, monitor, or docking station)? I can duplicate your setup and try the patch load/save functionality.


I’m running Windows 7, 32 bit, standard USB cable, no hub - direct to PC. This works fine for firmware loading.

I’ve tried putting the Parva in firmware mode as well as leaving it in normal play mode. Results are the same.




Same here.
64bit Windows, was able to update firmware no probs, but cannot load patches.
After I click send to Synth, it shows as completed in ParvUtil, but I dont see it in Parva.


Have you tried the right bank?
I didn’t find the patches at the beginning as I wasn’t searching in bank b or c but in bank a. When loading the patches it tells you where they will be installed. I loaded patches yesterday with the new firmware and it worked even if I had to restart the Parva utility once as it hung and didn’t respond the first time. I’m on a surface pro 3.


Yes I could see in ParvaUtil the path was bank B but they are empty.
Another question, can you send batch to synth or one by one patch only?
I couldn’t figure that one out.


Until now i just tried one patch at a time, i didn’t try selecting multiple files at the same time as i wasn’t sure about the outcome and still just trying to get things to work.


I’d be happy being able to send even a single patch. I can’t send or receive any. :frowning: Since you have individual patches working, can you tell me if there is something I need to do on the PARVA for it to accept sending/receiving patches? Or do you just leave it in normal play mode?


You don’t have to do anything on the Parva, just send the patch using the ParvaUtil app or any other sysex utility. I’m re-installing Win7 on our test machine this morning, and will let you know what I find.


… but please don’t forget to post Voicecard: v0.50 :slight_smile: