17 More Patches by Rowland Rose, plus updates to old patches


Here are 17 new custom Parva patches. These are mostly percussion. I used Welsh’s Synthesizer Cookbook as a starting point for about half of them, others I used this awesome guide from Moog. for the other half. And maybe three or so are just tweaked versions of the Dr. Y drum patches already posted here.

Also, I’ve added some better velocity and aftertouch response to my existing patches, so they might be worth a re-download. So that makes uh… 29 patches total so far!

These are tested working on firmware 0.62, voicecard 0.64. They take up B30 to B44, and C01 to C13.

** NEW **

B42 PLUCK1.syx (453 Bytes)
B43 PLUCK2.syx (453 Bytes)
B44 PLUCKGLOW.syx (453 Bytes)

C00 KICK1.syx (453 Bytes)
C01 SNARE1.syx (453 Bytes)
C02 TOMS1.syx (453 Bytes)
C03 CASTANETS1.syx (453 Bytes)
C04 CLAVES1.syx (453 Bytes)
C05 COWBELL1.syx (453 Bytes)
C07 CYMBALS1.syx (453 Bytes)
C06 CLAP1.syx (453 Bytes)
C08 TOMS2.syx (453 Bytes)
C09 SHAKER1.syx (453 Bytes)
C10 CLICK1.syx (453 Bytes)
C11 TOMS3.syx (453 Bytes)
C12 CLSD-HH1.syx (453 Bytes)
C13 OPEN-HH1.syx (453 Bytes)


B30 BASSICK.syx (453 Bytes)
B31 GENTLE.syx (453 Bytes)
B32 WOWCRY.syx (453 Bytes)
B33 URGENT.syx (453 Bytes)
B34 CLEAN LEAD.syx (453 Bytes)
B35 SAW POLY.syx (453 Bytes)
B36 LAID BACK.syx (453 Bytes)
B37 ICE CAVE.syx (453 Bytes)
B38 PALACE.syx (453 Bytes)
B39 DARK ARRIVAL.syx (453 Bytes)
B40 MEGA BLADE.syx (453 Bytes)
B41 TRAVELER.syx (453 Bytes)


Hi, I’d like to try the patches but I see you have voicecard v0.64, can’t find this version anywhere. I have v0.60. Thanks.


Hopefully Brad doesn’t mind me sharing this, but a while ago he gave me a direct link to the voicecard v0.64 firmware


Brad! Can we have a central place with firmware upgrades… even though it is beta… I can’t seem to find the latest firmwares… the mainboard was already at 0.70?


Great initiative! My patch designs aren’t that great still. Thank you for sharing yours. I have them loaded but can’t seem to get them firing in Firmware/voicecard 0.70. Anyone else?


Just discovered why my multis weren’t working… 0.70 gave us a mixer! …volumes were defaulted to 0. :slight_smile:

Just another reason to love the Parva!


…still can’t get your patches to play though. They look fine on the screen but don’t produce sound for me on 0.70.